Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kitchen Demo-Lite

When we moved into our new-old house, many of the vertical surfaces were covered with layer upon layer upon layer of wallpaper...
Did we just paint over some of it?
But only because there was 7 layers of paint already on top.
SO we were just joining the paint-over-wallpaper-party,
we most definitely weren't throwing it...!
When we were feeling ambitious in the wallpaper-peeling department,
we started in the kitchen, where only half of the walls were covered with wallpaper.

And EVERY stinking shelf and drawer had Contact paper from 1972 firmly adhered to them.

Here are some "BEFORE" pics of the process.
And all I know is that if there is a hell and I am unfortunate enough to be acquainted with it's fiery eternity, I will be peeling wallpaper.
For sure.


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