Monday, July 13, 2009

To veil or not to veil...

I have a rare issue that has presented itself not only as a fashion conundrum with a feminist twist, but an question of purity and personal moral fortitude: Should I wear a veil to my wedding ceremony?

A veil used to (and still does, to a certain extent) symbolize the virginity and modesty of the bride. The groom would lift the veil as a symbol of his "unwrapping" of his new possession: his wife. This is where the term, " giving the bride away" and "taking a wife" came from.

Kind of messed up, huh?

But as fashion usually does its bewitching magic on me, I find myself leaning towards the mini-skirt of veils: the birdcage...

I find myself rationalizing that it will just be an accessory to the wedding dress, which is also saturated in messed-up symbolism and wedding-day-dogma...And I'm still wearing THAT, so why not just throw all caution to the wind?

What's a thoroughly modern girl to do? I'm taking suggestions...

Find these here, here, and here. Oh, here too! All on Etsy.

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  1. Veil it up girl! Why not!? When else would you EVER wear a veil, besides a funeral? I say go for it.
    I was going to have a birdcage veil too, but it was just too much with the details on the dress and all.
    Funny, your veil selections are the same as mine from Etsy.
    Gotta love it. Can't wait!


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