Friday, July 17, 2009

Boy Crush - Continued!!

I had an epiphany last night while watching David Letterman (I still think he's the jam, even with Conan on the scene now), Tim Gunn and the Coop would make the BEST couple on planet Earth!

I mean, the mind boggles at the power pairing of TWO silver foxes, but I do believe that it remains within the realm of my comprehension...Even if it is the outer limits of said comprehension.

Search no more, I have found the perfect man for Tim.

P.S. Project Runway starts on August 20th! A glorious wedding present, indeed.

Image via Becka'sBlog.

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  1. ok, i'm just gonna have to go ahead and be awkward and post a comment almost ten days after the original post... i don't care. imagining the gloriousness of Tim Gunn + Roger Sterling is like, blowing my mind. it makes me impossibly happy and you've just made my day with this post. Ok, back to the 1000+ on my google reader.


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