Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And that's why champagne fixes EVERYTHING....

So I am at the midpoint between recovering from my Sissy's nuptials and extreme panic setting in for my very own wedding. Chronologically speaking, I am about six weeks from being a Mrs. and a mere six weeks ago I was Maid of Honor.

That old saying, "the devil is in the details," couldn't be more infuriatingly true! Shug and I hammered out all of the big stuff back while there was still snow on the ground...Ceremony and reception sites, caterer, our photographer, and my dress were all decided upon rather early in the game...But with just a little over a month to go and we still haven't: made our invitations, figured out decorations, booked a bakery for our cake, picked out flowers with the florist, purchased guest gifts, finalized the guest LIST....Dude. And there's a LOT more of these stinkin' "details!"

We have sosososososo much to do. And due to this fact, I'm perusing pics from S.'s beautiful day to distract myself from gouging out my own eyeball with a rolled up stack of Post-It notes with tons of "reminders" for the big day.

But look at S.!!! There is no denying she was luminous!

And what was the most important lesson she taught me for dealing with your wedding day? Champagne for breakfast is not a bad idea.

S. is truly a genius.

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