Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Movie To See: Food, Inc.

Sometimes it seems movies or books that are trying to "make a change" and shake things up are preaching to the choir. Oftentimes, these movies or books are distributed at health food stores, farmer's markets, or independent movie houses. The marketing can be edgy, youthful, or downright stand-offish to anyone even remotely leaning to the right. While I think it is important to educate those of us who already feel there is a need to change, I think it is really important to get people on the bandwagon that might have been alienated by the rhetoric, marketing, or political affiliation these marketing mediums tout.

Food, Inc. is a movie that everyone can watch and feel connected to. It provides scientific fact and heart wrenching personal anecdotes to drive home its very important point - our food is unsafe. Our food isn't only unsafe for us, but for the environment, the animals that we utilize to feed us, the individuals that process this food, and the people in other countries that are struggling to survive because of our oil-greedy farming techniques.

I highly recommend watching this movie and then recommending it to someone who may not be likely to watch it. I know I'm telling my parents to watch it this weekend. While they may not align themselves with the same political and ideological place I hail from, I know that they care about their health, my health, and the health of our family.

I love how Food, Inc. reiterated that we each have the power to make a change and it happens three times a day. Our dollars are votes. Even if we can't afford to eat locally-grown organic food all the time, just try doing it once or twice a week. If the demand begins to grow, the market will be forced to meet those demands.

Watch Food, Inc. and tell me what you think.

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