Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have religiously watched the Oscars every year since I was a little girl. I couldn't give one fig about the actual winners or losers, it was ALL about the red carpet and the dresses. Oh lord, the dresses.

I plan on watching for some of my "anchors," as I'd like to call them: women (and a few men) that are always impeccably, elegantly, and amazingly dressed. Kate Blanchett never fails me. Neither does Penelope Cruz. I can't wait to see what Gabourey Sidibe will be wearing, either. She was so lovely at the Golden Globes!

If you can't tell, I want her to win. Everything.


  1. I totally DVR'd this, on E! and i could see pretty gowns from multiple angles. I can't wait to watch it tonight!

  2. totally pissed i missed out on the oscars. HMPH!!!!! must go to E! and things right away to catch up on the dress picturs.


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