Monday, March 15, 2010

Salt Lake City Restaurant Review: Eva

It's pretty difficult to find a restaurant, actually ANY restaurant in Utah, that is delicious, has a liquor license, and won't cost your entire chunk of fun money for the month. It's even more difficult to find a menu that will cater to the needs of a very diverse crowd of dietary restrictions/diseases/lifestyles. So where can you go in good ol' Salt Lake, have a glass of wine, and choose from a menu that would make any gluten-freegan, vegan, or carnivore salivate like a Pavlovian German Shepherd?

Shug and I first went to Eva on Valentine's Day and sampled their special five course menu of the evening with oysters with a cranberry granita, mesclun greens with some dressing made from unicorns and rainbows, foie gras, a lobster and scallop saute with truffle mashed potatoes, and vanilla bean panna cotta with a blackberry reduction. I KNOW. It took so much strength to eat every morsel placed in front of us, but we managed...!

A few weekends ago, we met up at Eva with a large group of friends that are as diverse in their food habits as they are in their taste is music. We had me (the resident gluten-free debacle), a vegan, a flexitarian, a low carbie, a salad-only eater, and a few meat lovers. Suffice it to say, the chefs at Eva were able to serve every single one of us without any deviation from the menu and everyone had a meal they enjoyed.

Eva's wine list and drink menus are also worth mentioning and if you're looking for a "designer" martini or just a glass of locally brewed beer, Eva can handle that, too. If you haven't noticed, Eva is pretty accommodating.

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  1. Oh, Lauren, how I love Eva. I was introduced to their awesomeness about the time I moved. The Brussel sprouts speak to my soul. Needless to say, Pocatello has NOTHING that holds a candle.


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