Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Wedding Invitations

Well, it's been over half a year since our little wedding

and our invitations are still one aspect of our special day

that I am so very proud of!

Shug designed the invitations.
Tuesday Mourning did the portrait.
Mandate Press did the letterpress.

They were perfect!

While letterpress is a little spendy, Shug and I saved money
by purchasing small manila envelopes online.
We made sure they matched well with these cute stamps.

We had perforations made on the bottom of the invitation
to rip of the RSVP card to drop in the mail.
This saved us from printing an entirely new RSVP card,
saved paper,
and cut down on costs!

It also saved money to have your husband-to-be design the invitations...

I'm basically the luckiest girl in the world!


  1. jaw is dropped. i have no words!

  2. i reeally wanted to ask to see these - love them.

  3. When your announcement showed up in my mailbox, I was in love when I opened it. I LOVE letterpress and would love to get into that. I, too, was very lucky since Jason and I designed AND printed our announcements and saved loads of dough. Gotta love those artsy hubbies.

  4. Red wedding invitations are easy to make and made up of layers of card, a wax seal and a lovely satin ribbon. I really like them as they're so striking, yet they're really easy to make.


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