Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mon Dieu!

I'm still reeling from all of the amazing women I was able to peep while in Paris.  The "effortless chic" you hear about was in full effect as autumn made its entrance into the city.

I love that each one of these women look put together but really unfussy.  When I try to look unfussy, I usually look like I just rolled outta bed!
On a side note, I've been itching to get another tattoo...Do you have a tattoo? If so, what did you get and do you still love it?  I got my first tattoo about four years ago and I still really like mine...!  I just really feel the need to get something else.  I'm feeling a little daring today!


  1. yay! tattoo! so, i got my first one in soho in nyc when i was on a model united nations trip with my high school when i was 17. that one i don't like the art or the concept. it was an asian symbol before everyone started getting asian symbols, and now that sucks. it is the symbol for woman in chinese - the same character means the same thing in japanese, so when i went to japan it pretty much sucked to see my tattoo on every bathroom door. argh.

    my second tattoo is a praying mantis. they eat the boys. i LOVE THE CONCEPT of this tattoo, but i really dislike the art more and more every day. the woman who drew it was in the mission district in sf and it was an all lesbian owned tattoo shop, so i was like "fuck yeah! lesbian tattoo artists putting a praying mantis on my hip! cool!" not so cool. i wanted it to look like an old print, and it looks like a cartoon.

    oh, well. such is life. i would say to really make sure the person shows you the drawing on paper first. then look through their portfolio to make sure that the way they draw on paper can actually be translated to skin, because some people are good on paper... you already know all this. It'll b fine. good luck!

  2. More pics of Parisian women please. I love to see what they are wearing! Yes, I want to copy!


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