Friday, October 15, 2010

Reality Bites

Whew. Like really.  

How hard is it to get back into the swing of things in "real life" after a vacation?  I was with a difficult client yesterday and it took EVERY BONE IN MY BODY to not ponder what I had been doing exactly a week before.  But, of course, I still did.

Shug and I had been sitting in the park by the Louvre enjoying a bottle of Côtes du Rhône wine that was cheaper than our bottle of water.  We had stopped at a Monoprix market and scored some of the stinky cheese Shug and I had been fantasizing about stateside.  It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.

See how easy it was to not listen to my client?  The client that made me go back to Wendy's and get her more fries because hers weren't hot enough?  But she still managed to eat them all??  Gah.

I'm on a pretend retreat.  I'm going to imagine I get to spend all day on this Marina Abramović installation that was at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  The headrest was carved completely out of quartz.  Pretty amazing.

I hope you all have a restorative and restful fall weekend!  What will you be doing to recharge?


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  1. i'm in paris all the time... in my head. ryan proposed to me in paris! anytime i take even a sip of coffee, i'm there. well, unless it's bad coffee.

    have a good weekend!


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