Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Are We in Disneyland?"

This was a phase uttered more than once and quite possibly in the wee hours of the Irish morning while we were in Kinsale, Ireland.  Hall was convinced that we had somehow stumbled into Disneyland Ireland on our way from Dublin.  We would just laugh and silently agree that, yes, this little town was straight out of a storybook.
The morning before the wedding, Shug and I took a quick stroll through town to snap a few shots.  It was deserted!  That was one of the many things I really appreciated about Irish culture is the light Irish workday.  Stores and shops open around 9 or 10ish, close for a two hour lunch sometimes, and then close up for the day around 6.  We Americans need to take a lesson in European work schedules!
 Since no one was out and about yet, we couldn't ask anyone to take our picture of us together.  We tried to get creative by leaning the camera on a windowsill, but unfortunately even Photoshop couldn't fix this!

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