Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When I say green, I mean GREEN.

The one thing I had heard about Ireland from the lucky folks that had visited or lived there is that the Irish countryside is green.  Like, really really really green.  So green your eyes found themselves wandering skyward just to recalibrate when gazing long enough at the verdant countryside.

I got my first taste this when our plane was flying into the Dublin airport on a lovely Sunday morning.  The entire patchwork of farmland below was a mixture of every shade of green the human eye could register.  Having flown into dry ol' Utah a number of times, this was a new thing for me.  Instead of the usual Utah palate of sandy taupes broken up with the occasional patch of green irrigated farmland, Ireland was just the opposite.  Green, green, and more green!

Shug and I were lucky enough to stay in a little town called Kinsale right by the ocean, which was a breathtaking contrast to the rolling Irish countryside that bumped right up against the beach. 

Everything that wasn't stationary started to acquire its own living paint job.  If it wasn't moving too much, then it was the perfect place for plant life!
Shug and I tried to match the greenery of our surroundings, but clearly we were no match for the vibrant hue!

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  1. when i landed in england for the first time i was amazed at how GREEN it is. i love it.


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