Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the answer to the question of the season was...

So remember when I was all worked up about what shoes I should take for my two weeks in Ireland and Paris?  I needed the perfect mix of comfort, fashion, and versatility.  I needed to look cute while logging up to 15 miles a day of walking...!!!  What was this girl to ever do?

A fellow bridesmaid even asked what my shoe choices were at the wedding since she knew how vitally important this detail was to me.  I told her I had such great responses and really had most of your suggestions in the running for what to pack, but ultimately I ended up taking just two pairs of shoes: a pair of ballet flats that could be crushed into nothingness at the bottom of my backpack and a pair of brown low-cut motorcycle boots.

The motorcycle boots were the best. decision. ever.  Their thick soles supported my feet over the thousands of cobblestones, rocky ocean pathways, sandy beach walks, and marbled floors of museums.  They also looked great with everything in my backpack, from the cute wispy tees I brought for dinners out to my warm military jacket to battle the gusty Irish countryside.

Thanks to K,Tea?'s advice about insoles, I also had the arch support and cushioning I needed (my arches are ridiculously high after years of ballet.)  I ended up getting some runner's insoles that made my life worth living after 12 hours of walking.

The motorcycle boots were also a serendipitous choice for Paris because BOOTS are all the Parisian girls were wearing!  Granted, many of their boots had perilously higher heels than my humble motorcycle kicks, but boots were the go-to item for most of the stylish women I saw walking around town.  (More on Parisian style later...this needs a whole blog post;)!)

My boots are no longer available, but I found some cute alternatives that look similar to my blessed pair.  All are available at endless.  Again, thank you so much for all of your suggestions!


  1. Love all the boots! I have ones just like the fourth pair down. I love the rustic look. Good luck deciding!

  2. great choice! I was only planning on bringing one pair, this looks like they go with everything. Thanks!


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