Monday, December 6, 2010

Having a DIY Moment Over Here

Over the weekend Shug and I had the opportunity to hang out with his two little sisters, 13 and 9.  They are as bright and lovely as can be, but also very, very, very bored with everything about five minutes after we arrive/make a plan/choose an activity.

To combat this killer boredom, I bought a pom pom maker so the girls could make holiday wreaths to bring home to Shug's and their mom.  It was the BEST IDEA EVER.  We made pom poms for ten hours straight, only breaking for hot chocolate and the parts of Labyrinth where David Bowie dances in his tights.

I now have pom pom plans, people. PLANS!


  1. What is the name of the pom pom maker? I want one for my nieces!

  2. I love that garland! Put those girls to work!

  3. Hi WomanfromToko! I added the link in the blog post on "pom pom maker"!

    And Maiden Metallurgist, love the garland, too!


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