Thursday, December 9, 2010

In which I must decide if I join The Cult of Jeggings.

The other evening I was enjoying a wonderful glass of wine with some of my favorite people in the world, one of those people being Supermodel.  She remarked on her new Urban Outfitters treasures, the highlighted item being her brand new jeggings.  Now Supermodel, named as such, could wear a burlap potato sack and make it look chic and current.  I must also add she is a master of the high heel, as I've seen her navigate icy sidewalks to slippery stairs in all but the highest of tac√≥n.  Needless to say, homegirl looked amazing.

I quickly defended my position as a non-jeggings aficionado, as I crave the support and slimming assets of a well-made pair of skinny jeans, but Supermodel kept selling me on this damn jegging idea!  Mine are on their way in the mail, but they will be given the 360-degree-sit-squat-walk-test (in flats, cause that's just about all I'm capable of wearing these days) before they are EVER unleashed on the general public.

So my question is, dear readers, is: do you LIKE jeggings?  And if so, how do you wear them?  Your fashion answers are appreciated!  And I'll keep you posted if I have joined the Cult of Jeggings!


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  2. Where did you get your jeggings? What brand did you get, I mean..

  3. I got mine online at Urban Outfitters: They are BDG brand, which I think just may be a house brand for Urban.

    They were $25, BUT Supermodel, your sweet sister, apparently got a pair at UO for $10! I couldn't find them on the website, so they may be sold out.

    I'm liking the pair I purchased, but not LOVING them...I'll keep you posted if they get returned or not!


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