Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday List Starts for, um, Me

I am in love, I tell you, LOVE with this Pendelton-inspired coat!
I also love the dipped hem in the back.
Too bad it's sold out already!
Oh well, that's a decision I don't have to make;)!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
I'm sure my dad will, this is his last day of work before
he gets to retire!
Congrats, Pop!
You've earned it.


  1. That coat is super cute. Tell you Dad Congratulations. Thats exciting. Are they going to be moving back to Utah soon then?!?!

  2. but it's so awesommmmee! love the collar too, looks cozy.

  3. Say hi to your dad--he will be lecturing soon at the church right?

  4. Oh the coat is available at

  5. Teresa! Miss you, girlie! My mom and dad are back in Utah as of yesterday! Yea!

    Katie - I love the collar, too!

    WomanfromTokyo - I'll definitely say "hi" to my dad for you! I don't know when he'll be back on the lecturing schedule, but he doesn't have any excuses no to go to church now;)! And thanks to much for the link, I guess the coat sold out at that site before I could even click in it! Oh, well!


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