Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ireland: Exploring Charles Fort

The day after the wedding, a few of us had a day or two to explore the area around Kinsale.  One main attraction is the old Charles Fort.   Every local in town we asked where we should go pointed us in the fort's direction, but not without warning...Apparently a ghost lives in the fort!
Shug, Hall, Ciel, and I all bundled up against the coastal wind and met Hail and another beautiful bridesmaid at the fort to explore.  The outer walls of the fort were still intact, but the inner barracks had all started to crumble.  The ruins used to be a favorite place for campers to set up when traveling, but the Irish government put the kibosh on that in the early 80s.
The ghost that lives in Charles Fort is the "White Lady."  She was a daughter of the local governor or mayor or something and fell hard for the commander of the fort.  He was pretty sweet on her, too, so the day of their wedding, he asked the watch-out sentry to go pick flowers for her bouquet.  The sentry was super-paranoid, so he asked the commander to put on his sentry cap and hold his watch while he went on flower-arranging duty.  The commander was a cool guy, so he said "sure," and set up watch.
 Well, this sentry wasn't so great at flower-picking and took a suuuuuper long time and the commander fell asleep at the watch-out post with watch-out guy's hat still on!  The local governor, arriving for the nuptials, saw this sleeping sentry and shot him like an asshole governor would!  The poor commander died and the White Lady, who saw the whole fiasco, ran to the top of the fort and threw herself off down to the rocky cliffs below.  Bummer, right?  Now she just mopes around the Fort in her wedding gown.

Luckily, we didn't see her.
It was really interesting to see how much plant life had taken over the rocky fort!  Back to the green theme, everything was coated with bright grasses and weeds.
 It was a great end to an amazing week...and the company couldn't have been better!

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