Friday, December 10, 2010

All You've Ever Wanted in Fast Food: Flunch

After an extremely long week, I had to post something that still makes me laugh from our trip to Paris!

We had the luck to visit Versailles on a cold and rainy day, while this may sound dismal, it was brilliant because the gardens were almost vacant and the surrounding buildings of the palace were left for just Shug and I to explore!  (I'll post more on the actual gardens and palace later, promise.)

It was a long and awesome day, but Shug and I had spent most of our food budget on RER tickets to get out to the palace and wanted to grab an inexpensive bite before heading back to the hotel.  We just happened to be staying right by an establishment called Flunch.  The only way I can describe this is to liken it to the cafeteria in IKEA, because you pass home goods and hardware before entering the restaurant.

While IKEA's food is about as exciting as their furniture assembly instructions, Flunch had a pretty wide array of foods to choose from, even for a gluten-free girl like me.  I had an assorted cheese plate and an avocado salad with some delicious Côtes du Rhône to wash it all down.  But Shug, well let's just say he pretty much died and went to heaven because he found the Double Tennessee!

Have you heard of the Double Down?  Yeah, it's pretty gross.  Well, the French have totally one-upped us on our cuisine yet again!  It's some double-hamburger-and-cheese-and-hashbrown-and-mayonnaise-and-some-more-artery-clogging-stuff that any fast-food loving expat would swoon over.  Shug, being a fast food fan, was in love.
 We laughed about the Double Tennessee for the rest of the trip!  The name is enough to make me crack up!  I can't believe we missed the sign when we walked in!
I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend!  I'll be working, but that's ok!  I need to start squirreling some extra moolah away for present-buying! xo.

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  1. That is an impressive burger!!! That reminds me of a place that I was at recently that had some enormous burgers ... pretty much bigger than my head.


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