Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, P.S.

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year in Utah.  I think there is something about the excitement of change and transition, with Spring especially...

The sun begins to peek over the mountaintops just a little earlier each morning.  The crocuses and tulips, most certainly frozen and fossilized in the botanical ice age also known as winter, stir.  The tiniest shards of yellow-green grass begin to pepper the brown thatch that is my front lawn.  And the birds, oh the birds!  Those little devils are back, pecking holes in my house, screeching at each other in excitement, but also making the shrubs and bare tree branches dance with their winter-leaned forms.

Spring has also been the harbinger of graduations.  With my master's degree so close to completion, this last semester has been the. longest. ever...!  I am excited, too, for Bestest Best to complete her graduate degree!  She had always been my partner in crime in the spring, where in high school, we couldn't manage the thought of being indoors alllllll day, so we'd wake early or skip the last class of the day to hike up into the foothills and rock climb, even if it was for just half-an-hour.  I miss being a kid with her: not having to check our bloated schedules to see if we could fit in a quick cup of coffee or a blessed glass of wine.  I am excited that we won't have school dictating our lives (or our budgets) any longer!

Spring also holds new importance in the 'Teef Household: readying ourselves for the planting and gardening season!  Our first year harvest was pretty successful, even as newbies to the gardening scene.  Shug and I are committed to sticking to the organic way of growing food in our little backyard.  We've even been toying with the idea of getting a couple of chickens to keep Ruby company...!

Even though it's not "officially" spring yet, what are your plans for the warmer, glorious weather?

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  1. I am actually a fan of summer so I am really looking forward to the warm weather. One of my plans for the upcoming warm weather is jogging. Last year I started jogging a bit and I really want to start that back up again. It felt great jogging in the morning when the sun was starting to peek out. It's a beautiful sight.


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