Sunday, June 7, 2009

Boy Crush

Now I know I'm in love and all with my Shug....But Tim Gunn is probably the next most lovable cuss on the planet.

A couple of years ago, on some Project Runway extras, Tim Gunn was interviewed about his love life. Much to everyone's surprise, Tim said he's single and hasn't been on a date in years!

This is a tragedy, people. This silver fox needs a man!

Assuming he's still single, I love to imagine who would be the perfect match for him...Who do you think would be cute with Tim Gunn?

My votes:

Daniel V. from Project Runway Season 2...actually he is a front-runner, since his style is refined, he's ridiculously adorable, and he and Tim seem to have a great chemistry together. (Since everything I see on reality T.V. is legit, right?)

Marc Jacobs. 'Nuff said.

Wes Anderson. They both are quirky, lanky, cute, and misunderstood a large portion of the time. Plus, they both love three-piece-suits. This might not work since the "power" this eponymous couple would generate could very well stop the rotation of the planet, hence causing a cataclysmic death to all that inhabit it. Or they'd just fight a lot.


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  2. Either my friend Mike Roskey (but then he'd have to get divorced from his husband Jesus) OR Kevin Spacey as soon as he admits that he's gay. They'd be really perfect, because Kevin seems so easy going, and Tim is such a particular prissy dork.

  3. Kevin Spacey would be really cute with Tim...and not so young...We are master matchmakers!


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