Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boulder To-Do List

Shug and I had so much fun on our little road trip! It was really nice to just spend time with each other, play dumb driving games, eat greasy food, and sleep in;)! I've made a little must-see list for those of you who are willing to make the hop-skip-jump over there...It's only a 6 hour drive from Salt Lake City!
  1. Pearl Street is the bomb. Anything you need, they got.
  2. Hapa Sushi Bar is the place for sampling all sorts of delicious and delicate sakes. Being Gluten-Free means I don't get to imbibe beer, so sake is a nice alternative. If firewater ain't your thing, Hapa also has the most amazing broiled sushi roll called the "Orgasm." Annnnd it IS that good.
  3. The vintage shops are really moderately priced! They're no D.I., but what is these days? The inventory is pretty awesome, as well!
  4. Whatever you do, see a music show ANYwhere in town. The experience is so antagonistic to Utah show experiences! People are TOTALLY aware of your personal space. Read: Not one of my BOOBs was touched during the entire Animal Collective show. Average Utah boob encounter per show: Left gal - 3.7. Right gal - 5.2. Average Boulder boob encounter per show (Shug not included;)): Left gal - 0.0 Right gal - 0.0 No lie.
  5. Having a bad latte is an impossibility in Boulder. I think it's due to the fact that Boulder has the highest PhD per capita in the U.S. I KNOW not all of them are teaching in town, but, my, do they make a mean latte! If caffeine isn't your morning cup, do yourself a favor an get a gourmet hot chocolate or steamer...You won't be sorry!
  6. Stay at the University Inn. It is centrally located so you can walk almost anywhere there is something to do. This is a bonus since parking is kind of a nightmare and is pretty pricey. If you are in town to see a show, show the front desk your tickets when you are checking in and you may be able to get a discount!
  7. Check out the Tea House next to the Boulder Museum of Modern Art (and check out the museum while you're at it!)...It's so beautiful and intricate, inside and out! (That's the tea house behind me!)
  8. If you run into the band that you traveled 6 hours to see, don't just giggle like an intoxicated school girl on helium. They are most likely human beings that also speak human, not squeaky-groupie-wannabe-speak.
Ok, so maybe don't worry about that last one...But if you are ever in the neighborhood, give Boulder a day or two on your itinerary, you'll be so glad you did!

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