Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This song made me fall in' realz...

The art of a well-made mix has been the subject of many heated debates, arguments, and John Cusack movies. The song selection, song order, and the mix length could be distilled down to an algorithm for some mixtape masters, while others let their "gut" lead their organic process of mixtape creation.

I am here to attest that the power of the well-made mixtape is why I am getting married. Me: super-pessimist-feminist-ice-queen was reduced to a melty-mess-of-kittens-and-hot-chocolate-with-whipped-cream-on-top after a single listen to such a mixtape.

Shug knew I'd be a hard sell, so he cowboyed up and came out with mixtape guns blazing. I knew I was in deep trouble after listening to this Talkdemonic song for the first time.


  1. ahhhhh i love mix tapes. they have a special place in my heart - when my husband and i first met we would make each other special mix tapes and mail them out to one another (we lived in different countries) and i would listen to his constantly.
    (and i loved high fidelity... well actually almost anything with john cusack)

    that song is wonderful

  2. oh yes! mixtapes are thee best in the world. a well made mixtape can dictate your future. high fidelity was an amazing movie. my ex {grrr} introduced me to the movie and i was hooked. so if i a guy can make me a well constructed mixtape, then i am all his hahaha

    congrats on your future wedding!!!


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