Monday, June 1, 2009

Road Trip!

Shug and I are leaving on a little road trip today to go and see Animal Collective in Boulder, Colorado!
We are a little more than excited, since this will be the first time we get to see this amazing band live!!
We'd love to hear about cool restaurants, pubs, or coffee shops we should check out while we're there! Let us know what we shouldn't miss in Boulder or Denver!!


  1. fun!

    and the winner is... you!
    thanks for inspiring me.

  2. the almost-husband and I just got back from the Denver/Boulder area. My sister got married up in the mountains outside of Boulder and it was gorgeous! you're going to have great weather. plus animal collective. so jealous!! don't miss the contemporary art museum in denver, it's amazing. In boulder, you can't go wrong with all the fun little places up and down pearl st. and you MUST get ice cream at Sweet Action on Broadway (it's in the cherry creek neighborhood just south of downtown denver). ohmygod. mouthgasm.

  3. Thanks so much for the tips, Jessica! Boulder was gorgeous, even though it rained the whole time! We tried to check out the Museum in Boulder, but they were getting ready for an opening that Friday and we were heading out on Wednesday;(!

    We still found LOTS to do, though! Thanks again!


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