Tuesday, June 2, 2009


1. bra or no bra? Support matters even with the smallest of cuts!
2. Couch or Sofa?
3. vaccinate or not? Been traveling? Ever?
4. wedding or elope?Cause my Mumma would never forgive me!
5. polyester or wool? Duh.
6. Bikini or one piece? Look at my tummy so you won't look at my bum!!
7. Dog or cat? Dogs-4-Eva.
8. Are you morning person or night? Just because I get to drink coffee!
9. what came first....the chicken or the egg? They evolved from dinosaurs, really.
10. if you were stranded on and island..which one item would you have to have? Sunblock! :)
11. Homeschool or not? Nothing beats school survival skills!
12. Beach or city? Waves, sand, and sun vs. Concrete, smog, and noise. Come on!
13. is it Grey or Gray? Gotta show Big and Little Edie some respect!
14. red wine or white wine?
15. caviar or escargot? Not bad at all!
16. soda or pop? We say "Coke" for everything! Coca Coca Light from Mexico, please!

What are your choices??

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