Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guilty Pleasure # 864: The Interweb

Some days I really wish the Internet didn't exist...

Now before judgment occurs in my general direction, I will state that I understand the blatant irony and ridiculousness of that first statement coming from me - a blogger that must post daily and a rabid Etsy aficionado.

That being said, let's get to my gripes...:)

I wish it didn't exist because I miss the thrill of going into a record store and picking an album blindly. I miss the excitement of finding out what movie a new acquaintance is loving from the acquaintance, not their Facebook. I miss the time I'd be spending creating a horrible painting instead of browsing online for one that is more creative and crazy.

I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed by the glut of information that is omnipresent and at my fingertips. And, more so, my inability to NOT consume it! It makes me wonder how "true" creativity and originality are tainted or, at the very least, interconnected by this conduit of information.

So in honor of my self-proposed "Interweb Free Day," I'm planning on going outside, gardening a little, drinking a soy latte and reading, calling a friend, and NOT tweeting, reading, clicking, and browsing.

How would you spend your interweb-free day?

P.S. I'm sure I'll miss it by this evening;)!

Photo via HeidiLyn.


  1. Oh, bless you and your precious soul that mirrors my own. I agree fully and I will strive for a more reality-driven reality.

  2. I was just having basically that exact conversation with my husband last weekend. We might *try* to implement a weekly "Screen Free Day" (no computer/tv/texting/etc)... we'll see how it goes :)

  3. Oh my God! I just had an interweb free weekend! It was awesome! I went to Lake Tahoe and stayed in a cabin with a whole bunch of cool Indian folks and we alternated in trying to out-do each others' cooking. The simple act of chopping a vegetable (not pre-chopped) and adding it to a rice dish that is not instant rice-a-roni flavored with a pre-packaged seasoned packet but REAL SPICES (ya know, from real herbs, roots, seeds, yummy real stuff that exists in nature) IS AWESOME.


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