Thursday, February 21, 2013

In which the self-discovery continues.

You would think that after spending over three decades on this planet, I would have figured myself out by now.  I really should have a handle on my likes and dislikes, where I stand politically, and how I feel about men wearing capris.  I'll tell you that I'm still discovering there are SO many things about myself I hadn't realized!

This belly-button gazing session was brought about by my weekly red-eyes and runny nose situation that would occur about halfway through the day at one of the clinics I am rotating through.  After about the third week, I started bringing Visine for my itchy eyes and just racked it up to the dry air in the hospital.

This past week was the worst on me!  By 10am I was a drippy, fuzzy-eyed mess.  As I was sitting dabbing my eyes while trying to salvage the last of my brave mascara clumping to my lashes, I looked over and saw one of the clinicians coats that hang in the workroom.  I think the coat was black, but it was hard to tell through the layer of CAT HAIR felted onto the surface.

Am I even that allergic to cats?  I had trouble when I was kid, but I've managed a few hours at a time at friends' houses that have cats.  As soon as I left clinic, the urge to rip my eyeballs out of my skull and roll them around in the gravel dissipated.  So, wow, I guess I'm really allergic to cats!

This got me thinking about other things I don't know about myself or things that just came to light recently...Like I never knew I'd be really into Korean melodramas or rose tea.  I know being allergic to cats is pretty much the most boring thing ever, but are there things that you are figuring out or discovering about yourself lately?

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