Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Netflix Instant Treasures: Take This Waltz

Netflix and I have a love and hate relationship.  This relationship has only grown more complicated with Netflix Instant Streaming.  There are so many choices right at my fingertips, but 99% of these choices are not really my cup of tea (ahem, like Dora the Explorer, episodes 1-2873918374 or Nude Nuns with Big exists, trust).

But, every once in awhile, little gems of movies sneak their way onto the instant streaming menu and it is ever a nice surprise!  One movie that I loved was Take This Waltz by Sarah Polley

My love for Sarah Polley knows no bounds.  From our first meetings as Ramona Quimby and Sara Stanley in Avonlea to her heart-wrenching roles in My Life Without Me and The Secret Life of Words, I've grown to love what an amazing and powerful actress she has become.  When I realized she is now writing and directing movies (watch Away from Her, NOW...actually, watch everything I just talked about), I couldn't have felt more proud of little Ramona!

You know how the Instant Streaming nightmare starts...
You have an unexpected afternoon off, your significant other or besties are otherwise occupied and you've already scoured the racks at T.J. Maxx (kidding...not kidding.)  You've had the same three Netfilx DVDs for 11 months and you are looking for something to watch while you paint your nails.  You begin to scroll through your instant queue and documentaries on French school lunches just won't do the trick, so you dare to peruse the new releases menu.  Bad idea.  It's all Charles in Charge episodes and slasher movies from 1989, which have a place in your viewing future, but not really in a late-afternoon-and-nailpolish kind of way.

You stumble upon this cute cover of Michelle Williams trying to be plain (not possible) and Seth Rogen, who you could take or leave.  'Let's give it a shot,' you say, and ten painted toenails and ten painted fingernails later, you realize you've struck gold.

I don't want to give away anything, but this movie examines comfort and love in long-term relationships, as well as our romanticized ideas of what we should and could have.  It's an interesting journey a couple takes and the external factors that can shape the course of a relationship.

So, 1) watch this, 2) let's talk about it, and 3) you're welcome;)!

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