Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wishes Wednesday

Everyone who know me knows I have an Isabel Marant problem.  I have yet to become an owner of a single article of clothing she has made, but I am always in search of a nice dupe.  I don't know about you, but spending $640 on a pair of sneakers seems more than a little insane.

What else is a little insane is how much I am into the wedge-sneaker look!  I tried to fight it, I really really did, but LOOK at how cute the sneaks look with skinny jeans!  I'm not that into the light on light look here, but with some dark skinnies and a slouchy tee...?  Hel-lo, spring!

But back to this $640 issue.

I have been talking myself out of these beauts for weeks now!
At $50, it seems like a good cost-per-wear investment, right?  They ARE Sketchers (yick), but the label, thank the fashion higher powers, is a little more discrete. What do you think?  DO you HATE the wedge sneaker look or have you been converted, too?  How can you not die over this look?


  1. I cuold have sworn that I hate them, but you may have convinced me. Not to figure out how I can pull them off...

  2. Yea ... you convinced me. I love em'. Not quite into the sketchers, BUT $50 beats $640 anyday.


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