Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smells Funky

Well, we finally were able to get into our new-old house yesterday! Shug was so sweet and carried me across the threshold and I was sweet because I brought champagne and chilled flutes for us to toast with...

One of the teensy issues we'd had with the house before purchasing was a malodorous aroma, a "funk" if you will, that we'd automatically attributed to the Crock Pot o' Death that had been simmering away at a cow shoulder when we first looked at the house.

A week later, after the sellers had accepted our offer, the home inspector commented on how there was a green stink in the air of the main floor. Shug and I were hoping it was just the pot roast's last hurrah before clean, fresh air replaced the lingering beefiness.

Cut to yesterday, house emptied of all scent-impregnated furniture, rugs, and cookery....The damn house still smells!

I'm taking any stink eradicating suggestions now.

P.S. I am kind of loving the fact that Dutch Boy has smell killing paint....20 gallons, please!

P.P.S. Look how bright and awesome neutrals can be! Courtesy of design*sponge.

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