Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I Guess Stinking is the New Black

We went to see the Atlanta band the Black Lips last night. Not only was I so pleased with the golden grin of one of the guitarists, I was also excited to have a short (and very late night on a school night) reprieve from my mountains of final projects and papers. The band was hirsute and adorable. What more could a gal ask for?

But....I think I missed a hipster-memo, because a large part of the evening was spent with me seriously considering pulling out my neon-orange earplugs and sticking them in my nose holes. Since when is it cool to smell like week-old B.O.??

I know there usually are a token few show-goers who get a little ripe sweating in their poly-blend thrift store scores, but I'm talking girls and boys with carefully concocted Urban Outfitters uniforms stinking like burnt rubber and periods. Yes, I just said smelling like periods. The not-punctuation-kind-of-period.

Gross?!?! Um, YEAH, it's gross! What the...? Hippies, for the most part, at least have some convoluted rationale as to why they are conserving water or something...But hipster kids? Give me a break. I GET it. You are so cool I can SMELL it.

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