Monday, April 6, 2009


I am a gal that teeters on the edge of craftiness...I adore DIY projects when they are on paper and I can see all the steps needed to create your own beautiful piece. I even go so far as to compile all of my supplies and machinery to conduct said projects.

If one were to question my sewing machine, a Brother, if it had gotten any company since the Christmas it was opened, he would question YOU as to why you have him confused with a sewing machine! He has been busy since Christmas '07 holding down the table he's graced quietly for over a year.

So with impending wedding insanity and our wedding budget quickly disappearing under the cost of cheap wine and rental fees, I thought it may behoove our pocketbooks to make the decorations ourselves.

Here are some cute banner ideas that I feel 80% capable of completing, so since the wedding is still four months away, I think this is an attainable feat given that I started two months ago.

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  1. Sooo cute! Good luck. You are far more adventurous than I!


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