Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ten Things that Make Me Happy, Cause It's Finals, Y'all

1~Pink underpants
2~Painted toenails in loud, obnoxious colors
3~Lemon cookies with frosting *yum*
4~Scratchy beards
5~Tiny polka dots
6~Vashti Bunyan
7~Strappy sandals
8~Boston Terriers named Gertie
9~Fresh haircuts on Shug
10~Sister hugs

What are your ten things that make you happy?
Thanks to Taza for the idea!


  1. 1. yummy smelling shampoo
    2. the Mission in San Francisco
    3. the mountains in SLC that make a bowl and make you feel soooooooo snuggled by nature
    4. I concur on the loudly colored toenails
    5. Otis Redding CD
    6. the new mint flavored 3 musketeers
    7. my Mommy and Daddy coming to visit me this weekend!!!!
    8. when you know someone knows you so well that you don't have to explain a full argument to them, they just know where you're coming from and you can save your breath AND feel understood too.
    9. weddings
    10. the Second Saturday Art walk with free wine

  2. Those Mint 3 Musketeers are the best!

  3. I still don't see what is wrong with your nose.

    Anyway, here are my favs:
    1:flowers poking their little heads out of the soil.
    2:hopeless romantics (my main squeeze IS NOT)
    3:letting the wind rip the tears out of my eyes when I ride my motorcycle. I can even hit 45 MPH!
    4:making something crafty out of 'trash'
    5:cooking, sans recipe.
    6:eating raw cookie dough.
    7:seeing shirts I printed or hats I made actually on human bodies.
    9:shopping for jackets and hats.
    10:shooting my bb gun like Annie Oakley.

    Can't wait to see how your wedding turns out!

  4. My turn, my turn!

    Things that make ME happy:

    1:people that boston terriers named Gerty make happy.
    2:sunny 65 degree days.
    3:sleeping in and having pajama days.
    4:chocolate. Anything chocolate!
    5:red wine.
    6:my dreams of beach vacations.
    7:stepping back from a job and saying to myself, "well done."
    8:riding my bicycle.
    9:great songs that I wake-up singing.
    10:boston terriers named Gerty. (and bulldogs named Chavez.)


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