Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hurry-Up and Wait Game is over...!

The wait is finally over!! After almost exactly a month, to the day, after we put in an offer on a lovely Granny Bungalow, we are closing on it today!

Things Shug and I learned in the interim:

1. We are really stressed out people that stress each other out even more when we are together.
2. We are two of the most impatient people on the planet.
3. Adulthood does come in the form of a mortgage payment.
4. Choosing paint colors is not a good way to de-stress from aforementioned Waiting Game.
5. Buying a house means you can then buy a lil' doggie.
6. I really wanted to buy a house just so I could get a lil' doggie.
7. Shug wanted to buy a house just to use up my nose-job savings.
8. We are both so ok with my non-carved nose, new Granny Bungalow, and lil' doggie on the way!

What kind of puppy should we get?

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