Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasure #34 and #126: Quirky Love Stories...and Mandy Moore

I'm not proud of this.  I'm rather embarrassed about this, actually.  I've tried to hatehatehate quirky love stories for a looooooong time.  It was relatively easy until Amélie came along.  Then it was over.  Like super over.

Since my resolve was obliterated my Mme. Amélie Poulain, now just about any old movie can come along and, if it has a great soundtrack and the characters are lovably flawed, I'll love it. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Dedication was a random Netflix pick and I was ridiculously surprised at how much I looooooved it.  And there was that Mandy Moore thing.

Ok, let's get this straight: I think the music she has made and probably will make in the future is VILE.  Have I ever heard more than a few seconds of one of her songs and fight the physical need to shiver like when you pee sometimes?  NO.  But. I DO think she's a pretty alright actress.  Case in point: Saved!.  She's that weird mix of hot girl next door and approachable girlfriend, guys LOVE her and girls aren't threatened by her.  And I think she's a pretty alright actress.  There. I said it again.

Go watch Dedication and let me know how guilty I should feel about these issues I have!


  1. Her music is Vile, but she's super cute in... just about anything. Her sting on Scrubs? Adorable.

  2. i just don't like her. i think it's the way she speaks. same with keira knightley.


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