Monday, July 19, 2010

KitchenQuest 2010

Shug and I have finally been able to get a few cabinets to replace our old creaky creepers.

After having our hearts set on natural wood cabinets we realized that with our wood floors, our decision to go with butcher block counter-tops, and the fact that solid wood cabinets cost a million dollars more than our budgets will allow,

A tiny part of me is sad about this, but then I look at our remaining KitchenQuest 2010 budget I forget all that particle board and laminate distaste I've been raised with and settle into a contented haze dreaming of the rest of my bright, white kitchen in its glorious completion.  I've been lurking on Design*Sponge for inspiration and mental fortification.

Mind you, this project is far from completed, and seeing as we started this project in March, I'm guessing we may have a completed kitchen by Thanksgiving.  *Fingers crossed!*

The quest continues.

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  1. Damn you and I for being married already. We would have made a great couple for kitchen remodels..


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