Monday, July 26, 2010

Natural Beauty: Lip Balms

I think I'm probably just one of millions of people in search of the perfect lip balm.  It sounds like a relatively simple quest, seeing as there are zillions of lip balms for us to choose from.  But being me, with all sorts of needs and wants, finding the perfect lip balm was much like finding my husband - a happy accident that changed my life for the better.  (Now for all of you who just read that and realized I compared my husband to lip balm, be not alarmed, because this is a-ma-zing lip balm!!!)

Said lip balm has to moisturize, but not create an application addiction (see: Carmex).  It has to be paraben and petrochemical free.  It has to glide on and stay put.  It has to not be super-fragranced.  It also can't form those weird little mouth boogers that some lip balms do after awhile...See the list gets pretty long.

Tilvee Hydrating Lip Balm was a gift from my mom for Christmas.  She lives in Denver, where the gluten-free, organic, health food business is going OFF.  In her holiday spirit, she picked up a few natural lip balms as a stocking stuffer for me.  Since I had a surplus of lip balms at the time, the Tilvee languished in a drawer for a few months until I had to crack it open and put it into primary lip balm rotation.

I was horrified that I had let this balm wait around for me!  It was ALL of the things I could ever want in a lip balm.  It was shiny without being obnoxious and moisturizing without being lip schellac.  Seriously. Best. Lip balm. Evar.

BUT.  I went to purchase some of this elixir of the gods myself and found that it's $6.99 a tube...!  SO I'm waiting until next Christmas for my replacement.  Until then, I've found a less expensive substitute - eos smooth spheres.  While they're no Tilvee, they are available at Walgreens for $2 and they are paraben and petrochemical free.  Sigh.


  1. I think something like lip balm that you use several times a day, every day is the kind ofthing you can go a head and spend a little extra money on. Especially if it is the be all end all of lip balms.

  2. I like the way you think;)!


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