Friday, April 15, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Did this week just seem like a bunch of Mondays in a row?  It sure did to me!
Shug and I are looking forward to attending a gallery opening tonight 
with Supermodel and BBF!
The last installation we went to was kinda crazy, but it was still fun!

Here is some link love and lovelies that have inspired me this week:

~ Hands down, the most beautiful boy in the world.

~ Speaking of the most beautiful boy, a great piece on gender-specific fashion.

~ Pretty much all I want to be as an older woman!  She's amazing!

~ I want to spray paint these gold and hang them above our front door!

~ Serious girlcrush happening over here...!

~ Loving this outfit.  And that orange clutch!

~ Being an icon seems all about being yourself.

Have a sunny weekend!

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