Friday, April 22, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Happy Earth Day!
We should all try to spend this weekend doing 
one or two things to lessen our impact on our planet.

I like this clip because it shows the interconnectedness of people.
If we can think a step further about how our actions effect
the environment, it would be that much easier for us to 
start changing some of our less eco-friendly beavior.

Here is a clip-heavy link love and lovelies for the week!

~ I cried watching this.
~ Still loving on Oh Land.  And that sweater!
~ This old guy really knows how to let loose!
~ Gah!
~ This little girl is the best!  And the song, oh lord, this song.  Love.
~ I love Radiohead, but this still makes me laugh so hard!

Have a green weekend!

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