Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Pop of Color

I used to think a strong red lip was just overkill.  I'd try to put on a red lip after a full face of makeup and look 10 years older!

As I become more educated in the dark arts of makeup, I have really started to embrace a pop of color on an almost makeup-free face!  I think that's the real secret: let your lips be the focal point and just conceal and add a little light mascara...no heavy duty makeup here!  I think leaving your cheeks blush-free can look so chic with a matte red lip.  Me saying going out without blush is similar to saying leaving the house without a shirt on, FYI.

Another huge issue is making sure the tone of your lipstick doesn't clash with your skin tone.  The whole cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones rules here.

Here are some of my favorite lipsticks that work well with most skin tones!

is highly pigmented and really stays put!
The bright pink is also perfect for spring.

is a classic red that is slightly shiny.
They are sold out right now, but should have more coming for spring!

Revlon Moon Drops in Orange Flip
is a satin, orange-y red.
It is so perfect as a red lip with a little edge!

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