Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Just look at that stinker, Tucker.  He may be the smartest dog I've ever met!  He's also the most mischievous...He's always nosing Ruby out of her snuggle spot and opening the bathroom door when you are trying to pee.  He also gets really bent out of shape when Shug shows me any physical affection.  He whines and grumbles even at at hug!  He's a stinker, I told you!

This weekend has me held up working on my thesis defense.  I am literally locking myself in my house until it is completed!  So wish this prisoner some luck AND motivation!

Here's some lovelies for your weekend, I hope you aren't locked in like me!

~ The cutest 500 square foot apartment...for a family of 4!

~ Say it isn't so...Dewy-4-Lyfe.

~ French pharmacy must-haves.

~ Would you be brave enough to wear this?!

~ I'm having REAL trouble with Rory Gilmore marrying Pete Campbell.

~ I'd use these baskets year-round!

~ Speaking of Easter, these natural dye eggs are amazing!


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