Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Ruby is finished with winter.  Come to think of it, so am I.  

She has taken to burrowing under the blankets and taking up residence...well, right in my crotch.  She looked so funny the other day I just had to document it!  She is the sweetest pup that could be, but when you try to move her or change positions once she's found her snuggle spot she grumbles!  So I just let the little princess set up where she likes!

It is starting to feel just the tiniest bit like spring around here.  Some brave little shards of crocuses are starting to poke up through the grimy snow and the days are starting to get longer.  Boy are we ready here in the 'Teef residence!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?  Or are you just thinking of spring, like us?

~ This house is perfection.

~ This cute little hotel evokes the same look, in a pared down way!

~ Loved this post and I an SUCH a planner.

~ Need to master the art of this.

~ I may be brave enough to try to make these this weekend!

~ Or try this hair style!

Oh and one more thing...

This was just the perfect image comparing sincere and fake joy.
 You go Jennifer and hope to see you never, Anne!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. love the hotel. i want to stay there.

    that house is to die for. where was the dust. where was the pair of pants on the floor. goodness.

  2. oh and i'm with ruby ... i am OVER the winter.


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