Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guilty Pleasure #36728: Vanderpump Rules

A few weeks ago I had the infernal cold that has been going around Salt Lake City and hanging on for weeeeeeeeeks.  I even stayed home sick for a few days, which was a blessing and a curse after I depleted all of the OnDemand options our basic cable had to offer.

Vanderpump Rules is an off-shoot of the wildly popular (and much maligned) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It stars my favorite housewife, Lisa Vanderpump and her swanky restaurant staff.  All of her staff are NOT there to work in the restaurant business, but to make it big as actors, singers, and mistresses.  The levels of dreckitude this show stoops to are unreal...and I love every horrible minute of it!

I grew up with the inception of reality tv - the first Real World was touching, scary and raw.   For better or for worse, I learned a lot about adult life from those first few seasons.  (Side note: The Real World is in its 27th season...how old do you feel??)  The scripted "reality" we now get to tune into almost every night of the week, on almost every channel isn't the same animal.

But darn-it if I don't love some of the fake and petty drama!  Are there any reality shows you are embarrassed to love?  The Bachelor has been a guilty pleasure to more than a few of my friends for years!

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