Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dressing Your "Age"

I used to live for the makeover shows that dominated in the early aughts.  What Not to Wear and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy were a weekly ritual that would usually find we weeping and wiping my stuffy nose brought on by the sheer glory of a great sartorial transformation. 

I also remember just ticking over into my twenties and being very struck by the opening credits of WNTW where one fashion caution was "NO MINI SKIRTS OVER 35!"  At 20, this was no bigs...but into my 30s, it's another story.

I have always loved expressing myself with what I wear.  In high school my entire wardrobe consisted of finds from my mother's closet and the racks of our local goldmine, er, thrift store.  Paisley pants and fringed shirts were on regular rotation from my freshman to senior years.

Over a decade later, I don't bat an eye at waltzing into Forever21 and picking out a kittycat-covered sweatshirt and wearing it to clinic...Ok, no kittycats, but hearts are a pattern worn into the office at least once a week!

But here's my question: how old is too old to rock some of the trendier styles?  My dear friend, 11, who is over 35 (and just had a baby, BTW) could still rock the shortest mini skirt ever!  But, I started wondering if I'M one of those women that is trying too hard to look younger then her age!

So what are these fashion "rules" and where can I find them?  I'm looking at graduating soon and having to purge my closet of immature pieces!

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  1. I loved me some Queer Eye. Makeover shows are the best but mostly because I'd daydream about what they'd transform me into.

    Clothes! I can't help but throw in cheeky pop of somethin. Sometimes I do try to dress more serious but I think it's more in the way you carry yourself.


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