Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Monday: Menomena


On Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Shug and I were able to see one of our old faves at the Urban Lounge: Menomena.

The performance was great, as they always are, but Salt Lake City was poor Menomena's last stop on their American tour and they were bushed.  There were a few new band mates and some songs from their newest album and as I watched the show (and the innnnnnteresting crowd) I reflected on how much has changed since I first saw them play in 2007 in Chicago with my new boyfriend.

We attended the show with a dear old friend who has had a rough road in the health department.  There were a few months there that we were worried this friend would never make it out of his hospital bed.  As we stood shoulder to shoulder at the show on Saturday, I had a few tears water my drink down from the sheer joy he is well again (and even planning a wedding in October!)

My sweet husband, with his hand protectively on my lower back, has supported me through two masters degrees and almost seven years of mischief.  I was (still) shocked at how quickly those years have flown by!  And Menomena had aged with us, their songs more mature, their swagger a little more confident, and their hair...well, it was much, much longer.

So as the tired band played their one encore, I thanked the last seven years and turned my thoughts to the next seven (and seventy!)  It's tough admitting you're a grownup...but at least I can do it with grace, right?

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